This is a new calligraphy study abroad program.

Calligraphy Kyoto is the only calligraphy facility in Kyoto where you can receive direct guidance from calligraphers.

“Calligraphy Kyoto Calligraphy Study Abroad” allows you to study calligraphy while staying in Kyoto.
This is a new calligraphy study abroad program for those who are interested in Japan.

Calligraphy Kyoto is the only calligraphy facility in Kyoto where you can receive direct guidance from a professional calligrapher.
Japanese and foreigners exchange their cultures through calligraphy lessons.

◎ “Writing” Japanese Writing Japanese with your own hands will lead to reliable acquisition of Japanese. Learn the basics of Japanese “Hiragana” and “Katakana” with a hard brush. After learning the basics, you can try kana characters with a small brush and big works with a thick brush.

◎ Experience Zen calligraphy “Calligraphy becomes a person” means that the calligraphy is not just a letter, but shows all the individuality of the person who wrote it. Experience the world of Zen through the practice of calligraphy. You will also learn about Japanese thought and culture, such as etiquette and hospitality.

◎ Various programs We will practice with original models according to the level from beginners who have a brush for the first time to those who have experience in calligraphy. There are programs for children and people with disabilities, so you can take lessons with confidence.

◎ Flexible schedule You can enroll at any time, and you can meet the student’s wishes such as attendance schedule. [Program contents] 1) Long-term calligraphy study abroad for more than half a year ~ Obtaining a cultural activity visa 2) Short- term calligraphy study abroad 10 hours program, staying for 1 month ~

◎ Kyoto, the ancient capital of beautiful Japan that lives in Kyoto. You can enjoy Japan throughout the four seasons with the entire Kyoto as a learning place. → Ink painting, seal carving, calligraphy related tours such as ink making tours, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Japanese dance, ceramics, Noh, Kyogen, Kabuki, sake brewery tours, hot spring trips, etc.

About tuition

[Cultural activity visa / Stay for 3 months or more] Visa application agency fee 33,000 yen * Visa acquisition cannot always be guaranteed. 1) Please submit the required documents in your home country. Calligraphy Kyoto will prepare the visa invitation documents when arranging your stay .・ You can apply at any time.・ You need to take out National Health Insurance. 2) After arriving in Japan, please show your residence card and pay all tuition fees. In the unlikely event that you do not get a visa, we will refund your tuition fees.

[Long-term calligraphy study abroad / stay for 3 months or more] Admission fee 50,000 yen Tuition / 12 months 750,000 yen Split / first half 500,000 yen Second half 300,000 yen Calligraphy tool material cost / 50,000 yen 

[Short-term calligraphy study abroad school fee] ◆ 1 month program admission fee 30,000 yen Tuition / 70,000 yen Calligraphy tool material cost / 50,000 yen 

Please see the experience page for more information.