*you can choose your own schedule and can change your schedule after coming to Japan. *Each class is 2 hours.

■6 hours Course /3 times x 2 hours class
JPY 45,000 (tax included)per person

■20 hours(1 week) Course/10 times x 2 hours class
JPY 95,000 (tax included)per person

■3 months Course /72 times x 2 hours class
JPY 270,000 (tax included)per person
▼ 3 months Course included in Special Big brush Art Calligraphy
There’s nothing quite like the feeling of throwing ink around with a Big brush! Have a look at some of CHIFUMI’s performance photos to get an idea of just how fun it is.

■Included in all courses calligraphy tools set
Small and Big brushes,Ink stone,India ink,Washi paper,Felt pad, Paperweight

■Included in all courses Original Hanko (Red Seal rubber stamp) → More info

1) Explanation of the history of Calligraphy (Shodō) and the origins of written Japanese.
Lean the origins of Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana. Shodō is a traditional culture with an intimate connection to everyday life.

2) Explanation of Shodō tools, sumi ink preparation and how to hold the brush (fude).
Calm your mind while preparing sumi ink. As with Zen, this is a time of meditation, to face inwards.

3) Learn and practice the basic lines. Master how to handle the brush as we practice the basics.
It is important to handle the amount of ink, not too much and not too little.

4) Let’s write some actual Kanji.
With your preferred hand, take the brush and hold it vertically.
With your other hand hold down the paper (washi).
Consider where to place powerful strokes, where to carry the line through, the balance of your work, brush handling, the shade of the ink and the beauty of the layout.
Practice many different Kanji characters. Then focus on the characters you would like to write in your final work.

5) Practice a beautiful Japanese saying, such as “花鳥風月” (ka chō fū getsu, flower bird wind moo).
Firstly practice with a basic brush.
After this practice, use a special large brush suitable for the thick lines in your work. Let’s write with a calm heart.

6) Now we can face the challenge of writing a Jōfuku scroll (135cm x 35cm)
Mounted as a traditional-style scroll it is even more beautiful. Please decorate your home with it and enjoy it for many years to come. It’s the coolest souvenir of your time in Kyoto!

Please email to discuss your schedule.

If you have any problems or have any questions, Please feel free to call or mail us with any questions you may have. I’ll do my best for you.